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Re: linux.conf.au Conference dinner report

Russell Coker (russell@coker.com.au) wrote:
> > Well, the annual signed t-shirt auction happened once again.
> > This time, Rusty managed to convince AJ & Bdale to name the next Debian
> > release after the person who bought the t-shirt, provided it sold for
> > above $2000.

With the addition of passing around a somehow-emptied wine box, we
raised around $2700, a condom and some lubricant for EFA. Don't sak
about the last two three, I have no idea....

> > In the end it became a tussle between Google, Slashdot, IBM & Sun, as
> > their various reps tried to by the t-shirt.

The IBMers started a collection and were pooling their money....

> > The final result? Well, the next release of Debian may now be called,
> > ironically, "solaris" ;)
> >
> > Somehow I don't see that one getting through :P
> So are we going to rename "sarge" to "Solaris"?

Well, Karen Garbee (Bdale's wife) suggested "spot", as in the dog, 
or "sun spot". 

> I'd be quite happy if Sun would dump their legacy "Solaris" OS and call 
> Debian/SPARC "Solaris" and fully support it on their enterprise servers.  It 
> may save my company from selling some Sun hardware on ebay...

They're making their way with it. They're trying to develop a good rapport
from what I can tell. They helped us with the RDP
(www.linux.conf.au/rdp.html), and as noted, pitched in and Supported by
whipping out the corporate CC again. :)

Gotta say, I had a great time, I hope everyone else enjoyed it too. Last
day today. Three are some pics up on the conference web site. I'm trying
to link to more. Ogg Speex streams will be available!

 LCA2003 Co-Chief Organiser, 'exhausted'
 James Bromberger <james_AT_rcpt.to> www.james.rcpt.to
 Remainder moved to http://www.james.rcpt.to/james/sig.html
 The Australian Linux Technical Conference 2003: http://www.linux.conf.au/

I am moving to London on January 27th, arriving London January 28th. 

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