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Re: [OT] Gnome configuration (was: Re: Congrats! [gnome font rendering])

On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 11:54:54PM +0100, Emile van Bergen wrote:
> Ok, I'll drop it. But I wasn't trolling. I am truly, honestly
> disappointed with the direction in which the Free Software GUIs are
> going.

Nice rant.  When looking for the unix way to do things, it's usually
good to take a look at Plan 9.  For example, the window system 8[1]
is below the UI level, but it might be inspiring.  They also have an
experimental text UI called acme[2], based on help[3] (the former
paper hints that they are extending it to a graphical UI)--though
both of those provide entire user environments along with their
"toolkits", so they may be too high-level.

I've not used these programs, only read about them.  But I think
they all come in the mostly-free Plan 9 distribution.


[1] http://www.cs.bell-labs.com/sys/doc/8%bd/8%bd.html
[2] http://www.fywss.com/plan9/plan9man/acme.ps.gz
[3] http://www.fywss.com/plan9/plan9man/12help.ps.gz

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