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Re: question regarding prelinking (was: (inc. note from dpkg developers) (was:Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt for prelinking))

> So Jack, can you give an example of a program where a significant amount
> of time is spent having the dynamic linker work out the correct linkage?
> ie a package that would benefit significantly from prelinking.
> I'm having a hard time seeing how this will make such a difference.

The linking inself (that is, looking up 20000 entries in symbol tables) is 
noot that long on modern hardware. It may be done in a second or so.

Seems that thing that really makes startups SLOW is swapping.
During relocation, a shared library page should be changed (by writing new 
addresses), so this page is unshared (a personal copy of this page for the 
current process is created), and if there is currently no free physical 
page, it causes swapping.
And swapping IS slow even on modern hardware. 

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