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Re: Bug#177285: ITP: oak -- Python DNS Server

On Sun, 2003-01-19 at 17:32, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> The runtime penalty would have to be measured. Just because something is
> written in Python (or Perl, or Haskell, or whatever language) doesn't
> mean it's slow, or even that it is slower than a similar program written
> in C. Sometimes it is, of course, but often it isn't, and people
> shouldn't be encouraged to make such decisions based on the
> implementation language.

Generally speaking, I completely agree.  However, if this DNS server has
nothing else to distinguish itself really other than that it's written
in Python, it seems reasonable to put that in the synopsis line.

My thesis is that package descriptions are a form of advertisement, and
if all you have to say is 'Python', then maybe it says your package
needs cooler features...

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