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non-us upload queue broken ?

3 weeks ago i uploaded a new version of dact to non-us, (i am
sponsopring a NM).

The package was accpeted, and is currently in
 it hasnt however made it into the main non-us tree.

I tried reuploading the same package and it got rejected because its
already been accepted.

I emailed the ftp-maintainers 24 hours ago and no respose yet (but i
expect it might take a lot longer).

The package maintainer suggested i bump the revision and try

I just reinstall dupload as i remeber manually editing /etc/dupload.conf
and changing the path, maybe i had it wrong. Now i think it must have
been correct however i cant remember what i had manually changed it to.
I looked around in org/non-us.debian.org/queue, but i cant work it out.

Neither dput or dupload can upload a non-us package with the default

What is the correct path for the non-us upload queue ?

I dont know what else to try, any suggestions ?


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