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Re: Bundling .debs (in a .deb?)

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 14:29:44 -0800, Steve Traugott
<stevegt@TerraLuna.Org> wrote:
 > Does anyone know of any existing tool which bundles a .deb package,
 > and its prerequisite packages, and its related debconf db deltas, into
 > a single archive?  The resulting archive might be a tar.gz, zip, or
 > even another .deb...  

Is it really necessary to keep both kinds of information in the same
bundle? I'd find it more useful to be able to capture the local
configuration data separately, and handle the collection of .deb
packages using e.g. a hand-maintained local apt repository or whatever
(plus maybe versioned Depends: using something like equivs).

Somebody else already mentioned FAI in this thread; I just wanted to
point out that it has some sort of mechanism for providing answers to
debconf through a script which basically acts like it's a human
replying to the questions as they come up. (Maybe this is the
passthrough frontend; I haven't looked closer.)

 > http://www.infrastructures.org/papers/turing/turing.html.

Very interesting article -- thanks!

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