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Re: Bug#176477: ITP: rott -- Rise of the Triad, a first person shooter

On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 08:15:07PM -0800, David Nusinow wrote:
> This is a problem with Marathon Aleph One, as far as I can tell. Aleph
> One has been in ITP for 423 days (#119911). This, however, does have
> shareware data files that could go in to non-free, and there is the
> possibility of complete mods that may be free, although I haven't had a
> chance to look for them yet. If rott does get packaged without data
> files, then perhaps the same should be done for Aleph One (which would
> probably have to be hijacked, since 423 days indicates a dead ITP).
The problem with Aleph One, was that nobody ever contacted me
with the terms of licensing of *any* of the binary data that I asked

Since there is virtually no point in distributing any of it without
the data files, I never ended up uploading the packages.

If you want to deal with the ramifications, you are free to do so, and I
relinguish any notion of ITP'ing Aleph One.

Copyleft (c), Kyle McMartin

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