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Re: Make debconf mandatory for prompting the user

[Adrian Bunk]
> I'm currently working on things like automated upgrading of many
> (>> 100) computers. Debian already includes much infrastructure that
> makes this task relatively cheap. For packages using debconf for
> prompting the user it's easy to give the answers without pressing enter
> on 100+ machines. It's a shame that most of the work is needed for
> special casing the few packages not using debconf for prompting the
> user.

I am building a preconfigured debian-based distribution for schools,
Skolelinux, and our needs are similar.  We use Woody and had to remove
some services because it was impossible to install the package with
preconfigured debconf answers.

> I'm therefore suggesting that you change your policy to something like:

Yes, please make debconf usage mandatory.

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