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Re: Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt for prelinking

    Well, if you consider setting off tripwire to be very bad then
all of sid built on ppc before binutils needs to be
rebuilt against the current binutils. Those older binaries will all
have non-zero *r_offsets in the unprelinked form which will prevent
prelink from being able to unprelink a prelinked binary back to the
original form.
    This is all somewhat theoretical anyway as no one has modified
tripwire to be able to cope with a prelinked system yet. Jakub had
discussed this briefly here...


Currently rpm is probably the only prelink-saavy program that
knows to try 'prelink --verify' on binaries before checking
the checksums. Again none of that will help on debian ppc sid
until all of the binaries are rebuilt against the proper binutils.

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