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Re: AMD response about Debian x86-64 port

* Arnd Bergmann <arnd@bergmann-dalldorf.de> [030111 06:03]:
> > It seems like a waste to buy a 64-bit processor and only use 32-bit
> > userspace binaries. There are several packages which would clearly
> > benefit from 64 bit integers, and many others where the benefits are
> > not obvious but could be determined through benchmarking. I would like
> > to see a debian/control flag specifying which userspace would be
> > "best" for a package, but for some reason I don't think this will be a
> > popular idea.
> I also don't think it will be needed. Keep in mind that a system with 
> just an x86_64 kernel and the user space from an i386 system is
> already working out of the box (modulo bugs).
> As stuff gets ported/rebuilt, you just replace each package with
> its 64 bit variant (or a dual 32/64 bit variant for libraries).
> If it turns out that a certain package should/can not be build for 
> 64 bit, just leave it out and let apt fall back to the i386
> package.

For developers there has to be a starting point -- that is, what does a
developer wanting to port gnuchess install?

Well, the solution proposed here sounds like a very good approach to
me.  It allows for having a stable user-space very early on, so that
people _can_ install it on their athlon64's and start porting all the
other applications.


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