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Re: Getting the changelog (online) before installing

* Phil Edwards <phil@jaj.com> wrote:

> I run sid.  And was about to do an upgrade when I saw that a couple of very
> critical packages had new versions.  Being the cautious type, I'd like to
> find out exactly what changed.  (For values of 'exactly' that correspond
> to "whatever the maintainer felt appropriate to type in the changelog,"
> I guess.)
> Yes, apt-listchanges is installed, but that only takes effect /after/
> the upgrade.
> packages.debian.org/foo doesn't let me view the changelog.  Neither do
> any of the links at packages.qa.debian.org/foo.[*]  If I'm lucky I can find
> a recent generated message which closed a bug, since that usually contains
> a changelog entry and announces the new version.
> How do other people do this?

Take a look at the Debian Online Changelog Repository:

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