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Re: Proposal: New /etc/alternatives/www-browser*

Moin Andreas!
Andreas Tille schrieb am Friday, den 10. January 2003:

> On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Eduard Bloch wrote:

Wow. :date -R
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 14:44:22 +0100

> > Basically a good idea, and I think, I suggested this a while ago without
> > much feedback. When RedHat adopts our alternatives system, it would even
> > be good as a cross-distribution convention.
> I suggest you might read the debian/changelog of urlview_0.9-2.2.
> Very enlightening for me.

Sure, I filed some wishlist bugreports and it has been implemented in
many browser packages, already months ago ;)

Wenn Dich im Usenet einer einen Esel nennt, lach ihn aus. Wenn es
viele tun, die  ansonsten  ganz vernünftige  Beiträge  schreiben,
dann schau Dich  schon einmal nach  einer Wiese mit saftigem Gras
um.                                       (Christian Pree in daa)

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