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Re: Bug#175918: ITP: foobillard -- Description: An OpenGL game of playing billard

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 18:24, Frank Gevaerts wrote:

Hm, some grammatical issues, plus I think it's best to talk about
features first, and not implemented stuff later.  How about:

>   Description     : An OpenGL game of playing billard

Description: a 3D billiards game using OpenGL
 FooBilliard is a billiards game with a three dimensional display.  
 It supports 8-ball, 9-ball, carambol and snooker, as well as a 
 computer opponent.  It is written using OpenGL, and has very high 
 quality graphics and textures.
 FooBilliard is still under heavy development, but most features are
> I'm not yet sure what to do about the non-free fonts (either just let
> them be there and put foobillard in non-free, depend on the correct
> ttf-larabie-* packages, or replace them by free fonts)

Replace them by free fonts by default, and package the non-free fonts in
a separate package if you want.

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