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Re: gcc 3.2 transition in unstable

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 02:35:09PM -0800, Ryan Murray wrote:
>      * If you have workarounds to build with a specific gcc version on
>        certain architectures, these should be removed (gcc-3.0 will not
>        be staying in the archive for long). Also if there are specific
>        optimization settings that have been used to workaround compiler
>        bugs, these should be removed, if possible.

May I suggest the following reformatting/reordering/clarification?
I've added a short not about shlibs-file, too.

>      * If you maintain a library or program written in C++ that is
>        not part of the qt2 dependency chain (this includes
>        programs/libraries using qt3)
>           + Wait until all of your dependencies have been uploaded in
>             `c102' versions, and rebuilt on all architectures.
>           + if the respective package is a library:
>                o add a `c102' to the end of the name of your .deb, eg
>                  libdb4.0++.deb -> libdb4.0++c102.deb. This is similar in
>                  spirit to the glibc transition adding `g' to the end of
>                  libraries.
>                o You should not add a `c102' to your -dev package.
>                o The exact placement of the `c102' can be tricky. It's
>                  not terribly important; the important thing is that the
>                  new package conflicts with the old and has a different
>                  name. Stylistically, we prefer to keep the `c102'
>                  adjacent to the soname number, e.g. libqt3c102-mt-odbc,
>                  but if your package ends in a ++, put the `c102' after
>                  that.
>                o Add a Conflict with the non-`c102' version of the
>                  package.
>                o Ensure that you're using g++-3.2 to build. You should
>                  have g++ (>= 2:3.2) installed on the system you build
>                  on.
>                o Change the shlibs-file to reflect the new package name.
>                  (Usually not necessary if you are using dh_makeshlibs)
>                o Optionally, you may wish to add a note in your package
>                  description that this version of your library is for use
>                  with GCC 3.2.
>           + If your Depends: line isn't generated automatically, you'll
>             need to change it too. But you should be using dpkg-shlibdeps
>             anyway ;-)
>           + Upload and rejoice!
>      * Otherwise if your program/library depends, either directly or indirectly,
>        on libqt2:
>           * Build using libqt3, if possible, and see the previous
>             section.
>           * Otherwise, change the package to build-depend on
>             gcc-2.95 [!hppa !ia64], g++-2.95 [!hppa !ia64], gcc-2.96
>             [ia64], g++-2.96 [ia64], gcc-3.0 [hppa], g++-3.0 [hppa]
>           * Change the package to use gcc-2.95 and g++-2.95 in the
>             build process for most archs, -3.0 on hppa, and -2.96 on
>             ia64
>           * These packages will be staying with the old ABI that we
>             have already shipped with. Many of these packages are
>             part of KDE, and will be replaced with KDE3/QT3 versions
>             anyways.
[End of modification, context for vdiff follows.
>      * If your package contains no C++, do nothing more. You'll start
>        building with the new gcc on your next upload.
>    You should not rename your package to remove the `c102' suffix until
>    upstream changes their soname.

               cu andreas

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