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Re: egrep moved to /usr/sbin

Stephen Frost wrote:

> As mentioned in the other thread, my recommendation is that grep by
> fixed to check it's $0 and act accordingly for grep/egrep/fgrep.  As I
> also mentioned before I feel a shell script replacement would be
> acceptable too (and should alleviate the concerns of those who feel the
> same as the GNU folks).
> I don't agree that scripts should be forced to use the base grep with
> options and I don't agree with moving egrep/fgrep to /usr/bin.

Okay, so I think you and I are in agreement. Given that grep -{EF} and
{ef}grep are functionally identical, it's silly to have extra copies of
the binaries. Only if we continue having separate, independent binaries
of these programs would I support moving {ef}grep to /usr/bin.


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