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Re: different configs for 386 and 686 kernel

Marcel Kolaja wrote:

I am trying to finetune kernel to fit more my needs. Studying the config
files for Debian kernels I found out, the 386 kernel has CONFIG_EXT2_FS=y
but the 686 kernel has CONFIG_EXT2_FS=m. This is intention or mistake? Why
do we want to have the ext2fs support compiled directly in the kernel and
not as a module in the 386 subarchitecture?

It seems an error. EXT2 should be compiled directly in kernel.. or
you have problem accessing the root partition.


(I am talking about the 2.4.20-3 kernel image packages.)


Marcel Kolaja
"Ako vraví klasik, RTFM is OK, if you tell me, where in TFM should
I R. :-)"       -- Stanislav Meduna

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