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Bug#161849: List of packages still depending on old stuff

Hi there!

This is a current list of packages which depend on one of the

Gratuitous Dependencies

These packages have unversioned dependencies. Since coreutils is
Essential, these are not needed.

* binutils
* magpie
* mirror
* mkinitrd-cd
* libroxen-ecms

Old Dependencies

Versioned dependencies, which are satisfied in stable but not
accompanied by '| coreutils'.

* fwanalog
* hptalx

Current Dependencies

Versioned dependencies on newer versions of the packages, but missing
the alternative dependency on coreutils.

* angband-doc
* c2man
* cvs-buildpackage
* gnus
* latex2html
* miscfiles
* nagios
* netsaint
* pike-crypto-build
* slapd
* spectemu-common
* sympa
* tiger
* yard

Regards, David

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  * Tech Support: "Did the battery run out, maybe?"
  * Customer: "No, it doesn't use batteries. It's Windows powered."
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