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Temporary list debian-l10n-german created


Since the lists.debian.org maintainers are obviously not responding to
bug reports (#129560 requesting a new list debian-i10n-german [sic!]
has been open for nearly a year now, others are open longer), I have
created the following list on one of my servers now:

List: debian-l10n-german
Summary: German Localization
 This list is used to discuss localization issues, mainly about
 translating Debian docs, package descriptions and programs to German.
Subscription: debian-l10n-german-request@kloster.be.schule.de
Archives: http://mail.kloster.be.schule.de/pipermail/debian-l10n-german/
 (Not working yet, since there was no mail so far.)

This list is only temporary until a proper list is created on

 - Sebastian

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