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Re: Eclipse


On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 20:22, Mark Howard wrote:
>   You probably have been following your ITP report (119885) and the
> debian-java mailing list, but I'd just like to make sure you know that a
> few people have packaged this unofficially and there have been offers of
> advice from people at RedHat who made their packages. Hopefully you will
> all be able to work together and make an excellent job. I look forward
> to trying the results. 

This might be a good opportunity to point to the Eclipse on gij page:

There is still a lot todo before Eclipse will be completely supported on
the free java platforms. But what we have is a decent start. Note that
we have not yet been able to compile Eclipse from source with gcj, so it
is a bit premature to say that Eclipse can go into main soon. (gcj 3.3
will probably only support what can already been seen on the screenshots
at the above page. And it will be at least February before it is
released, maybe later. And I don't know how soon Debian will adopt GCC

The gcj hackers are currently working very hard on the next gcj (3.3)
release. But if people want to try to get more of Eclipse working with
gcj/gij then please let us know at java@gcc.gnu.org so we can help.

Most of the patches mentioned on the above page have already gone into
CVS (and will be part of the 3.3 release).



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