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Re: A birthday message and a RFS for Film Gimp 0.13-1

> 1) Resign in frustration and orphan all 10 of my source packages [2]

You do that, you prove you weren't serious when you applied.

> 2) Wait on Troup some more until I lose my sanity.

Sounds like a good plan, except for the lose sanity part.

> 3) Make another rant on -devel.

Gosh, didn't enough people tell you already that ranting does not

Anyway, I'd propose a fourth point:

4) Just wait patiently as others do, knowing that ranting does not
   take you anywhere near you want to go.

Better for you, better for us. Oh, too late, darn.

There were precedents where an applicant spent more than a year in the
NM queue (not at DAM stage, I held him back for long, but hey), and he
did not complain. He got his account 14 months after applying.

>   Congratulations James, you've turned me into one of the most bitter
> and cynical NMs ever (with the possible exception of DanielS or
> Eray). 

Why do you make such a big fuss around it? Just poke your sponsors and
do the work, eventually you will get an account if you deserve it. If
you can't find permanent sponsors, then there is a problem, and not
necessarily with how the sponsor system works: I know people who are
working through sponsors and don't have too much problems with the
system - obviously, the guys skills are pretty good.

Anyway, if you want to screw yourself, go and panic around not having
an account. But if you want to get involved, don't give a damn about
having to work through sponsors, just do the work, sit back and play
tetrinet, like Real Developers(tm) do.

(On Eray and DanielS: I do not know much about Eray, but DanielS did
not seem cynical nor bitter last time I worked with him)

> I've been involved with the Debian community for the last four
> years now and it was just over a year ago I decided that I wanted to
> contribute something back to the project that has given me so
> much. 

And why can't you do that? You do know that you can contribute back to
Debian without having a @d.o addy, right?

> It's so nice to feel betrayed by the distribution that I swear
> by at the final stage.

Betrayed? Held, and I have to believe it is justified.

>   If there's genuine grounds to have my application rejected, then go
> ahead and present them. There's no way I can improve myself to be
> worthy enough of becoming a Debian developer if I have absolutely no
> feedback whatsoever.

Consider this: If you had been my applicant, I would have
un-recommended you after your recent rants/whinings/bitchings on
various mailing lists and IRC.

>   Could someone please tell me something, anything?  Where's the
> leadership that'll have the guts to stand up and say that what I'm
> going through is wrong?

What you are going through is wrong. You should not rant, nor whine,
but have fun. Sometimes fun is hard to have, but still, if something
does not go the way you like, you still should not go insane.

That is my opinion, though I am just a simple AM.

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