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Re: Bug#174525: ITP: dar -- Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files.

* Brian May 

| However, the binary is rather big (4.5Meg if I read this correctly):
| -rwxr-xr-x root/root   4496772 2002-12-28 12:10:56 ./usr/bin/dar
| which is stripped and dynamically linked.

eewww, huge.

| Are there any guidelines on how big the contents of a udeb can be
| before it is considered too big?

I'd say it doesn't make sense to make it available as an udeb.  Random
software which can be used to install a system shouldn't be udebized
as some silver bullet.  If it integrates well with the rest of the
debian-installer framework, it could be udebized, but at 4.5 megs,
having a small live iso somewhere on people.d.o would most likely be

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