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[desktop] KnopNL, a small fast remastered knoppix

Hey all,

not really Debian-Desktop (more a really bad plug), but looking into knoppix and
wondering what to do with those backgrounds from last week i built a small (245
mb) knoppix/livecd-iso, packed with handy GTK apps and, of course, with one of
the backgrounds as default. ( i said i'd build a kernel with one of them shown
while booting, should come around to it somewhere next christmas... )

for more info and screenshots take a look at my post on the knoppix.net forum: 

also quite a good site, good idea's are being brought up that the desktop
project could also play around with.


Alex de Landgraaf

                ( o o )
Wouter Alexander de Landgraaf          
Student AI & CS VU Amsterdam 
Phone: 06-16844084 URL: am.xs4all.nl
GPG: http://am.xs4all.nl/key_alex.asc
IRC: #debian/OPN, irc.xchat.org  
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