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Re: *Please* fix spamassassin's score configuration

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 21:27, H. S. Teoh wrote:

> I don't see why setting Outlook priorities violates email netiquette? SA
> has a separate rule for all-caps subject lines, which *is* a good spam
> indicator. People who are familiar with Outlook do use the priority
> setting from time to time, and with perfectly legitimate reasons. Sure,
> spammers use it too, but that only says that it is not a good measure by
> which to decide whether a mail is spam.

ALL CAPS subject lines don't violate any standards neither. I use them
sometimes, myself (although almost only for joke emails and such...).
Nonetheless they are a very good spam indicator, so sa gives them a
score. Exactly the same with Priority headers (and this is not only for
outlook. Priority header are much older than Outlook).

Oh, and:
>> The problem here is, I guess, that there is only one system wide
>> spamassassin config file on the Debian list machine (listmasters correct
>> me if I'm wrong). There are a number of non-english speaking lists,
>> including chinese and japanese ones.
> You don't need to put this in the system-wide config file. ok_locales can
> be used in per-user config files as well, although if all lists run as the
> same user, that could be a bit of a problem.

As I said, IANADD, so I can't investigate the current setup. But you do
realize that I never said those directives had to be in the site wide

-- vbi

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