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sid/i386 upgrade problem

I updated/upgraded (or tried to) a box late last evening ... after the
dl, it installs coreutils, debianuitls e2fsprogs and libc6 J then it
crashes, throwing repeated "dpkg: cannot scan updates directory
`/var/lib/dpkg/updates/': function not implemented ... and now nothing
works -- ls, find, dpkg ... of course it looks like a libc
problem/issue, but how do I fix it at this point, none of the tools
work to even do a downgrade in 'normal' fashion.  What is in libc6? ...
can I copy a file from another system to at least make it functional
till the packages catchup/straighten out? .... or am I stuck with say
rebooting to Knoppix, doing a bunch of remounts and using the Knoppix
dpkg to install the old libc6 package?

Guidance appreciated.
Hank Marquardt <hank@yerpso.net>
GPG Id: 2BB5E60C
Fingerprint: D807 61BC FD18 370A AC1D  3EDF 2BF9 8A2D 2BB5 E60C

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