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Re: [PATCH] - fix for local root exploit in exim 3.35.

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 21:10, Matthew Grant wrote:

> Resend as I forgot to gpg sign it....
Not to mention that you originally sent the mail in
multipart/alternative format containing a text/html part.

text/html e-mail has been recently patented by Micro$oft, and is
therefore illegal to send without:

 - using Micro$oft software, such as Outleak or Outleak Express

 - using software licensed to author mails in text/html format (Ximian
   have *not* bought such a licence.)

 - paying your own license fee to Micro$oft for use of their
   intellectual property

Being generally anti-patent, we won't report this violation, however
it'd probably be wise to make sure any further e-mails are sent in the
patent-free "text/plain" format.


Scott :o)
Scott James Remnant     Have you ever, ever felt like this?  Had strange
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