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Re: [HELP] gs broken because of weird make issue

> Hi *, 
> I spent 4 hours I did not have on this gs problem now and I don't have
> any ideas left. 
> The problem is that currently the gs package is built in the build
> target of debian/rules but it is rebuilt from scratch in the install 
> target for reasons I don't grok. The install target is run like this
> to get gs installed into a temporary dir:
> 	$(MAKE) prefix=`pwd`/debian/$(PACKAGE)/usr install
> I know I can probably work around this problem but I am quite sure that
> other problems will appear if I just override GS_LIB in the Makefile. So
> if anybody could spent some time and thoughts on this it would me 
> most appreciated. 


My mail didn:t get through ???

I will try to re-send it.
It's basically a patch to enable DESTDIR in the makefiles,
and using it.

It seems to fix the problems.


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