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Re: Bug#170843: status of patch

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Steve Greenland wrote:

> From: Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net>
> Subject: Re: Bug#170843: status of patch
> On 11-Dec-02, 20:25 (CST), Chipzz <chipzz@ULYSSIS.Org> wrote:
> > I think this option is horribly wrong. Why use it at all when you can
> > start esd with
> > 'esd `cat /etc/esound/esd.conf`'
> > ? Another option just adds to the copmplexity and will confuse the user.
> Because not every machine is a single-user machine, and not every user
> can edit /etc/esound/esd.conf?

That is one more reason NOT to have this (~/.esd.conf) file/variable. Do
you expect every user to tweak his own settings let alone know about this
undocumented variable/ ~/.esd.conf ?
If you're giving that as an argument you clearly haven't done any system
administration (for multi-user machines) yet. I have. And the one rule
of thumb there is: avoid settings in ~ where-ever possible, and use sys-
tem-wide settings if possible. The rationale for that is that they can
get out of sync, or deleted by the user, and then all of a sudden things
mysteriously break. It is the sysadmins task to set up
/etc/esound/esd.conf, and if he hasn't done so that may be for a good
reason, for example not wanting the users to play sounds in the first
place, which may be the case in case of a remote server. You just broke
that setup.

> Yes, it sounds like gnome-session should start esd with esd.conf by
> default to obtain options that required for the card to work, but if
> it makes sense to pass options that are user preferences, then it also
> needs to support an environment variable or ~/.esd.conf or some such.

Read above why it most definately shouldn't.

> Steve

Kind regards,

Chipzz AKA
Jan Van Buggenhout

                 UNIX isn't dead - It just smells funny

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