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Gnome, esd and i810_audio-- they can work together

Currently, when configured to start the sound server, gnome-session 
starts esd with only the "-nobeeps" option.  I have submitted a patch
under http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=170843
that allows gnome-session to honor the ESD_SPAWN_OPTIONS variable.

This is a very useful patch for people (like me) who have to run esd 
at a specific sample rate for esd to work at all.  I have a laptop
that uses the i810_audio driver, which would eventually hang when I 
enable sound under gnome.  With the patch applied, I simply dropped:

ESD_SPAWN_OPTIONS="-terminate -as 5 -nobeeps -r 48000"

into /etc/environment, and I haven't had a gnome hang since.  As the
patch hasn't been accepted yet, I thought I would let other gnome and
laptop users know about the patch.

James Strandboge

Email:        jstrand1@rochester.rr.com
GPG/PGP ID:   26384A3A
Fingerprint:  D9FF DF4A 2D46 A353 A289  E8F5 AA75 DCBE 2638 4A3A

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