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Re: Successfully built gcc-3.2 packages for woody/i386

Andreas Metzler schrieb:
Christof Petig <christof@petig-baender.de> wrote:
Z I have successfully built gcc-3.2 for woody. Since a number of people
have asked for it (on different debian lists) but I was unable to locate an inofficial archive for it,


           hth, cu andreas

"~bunk" is familiar to me ...

Well, today google("gcc 3.2 woody") gives me your site as the 9th link. I would not have undertaken the effort, if I knew about yours earlier.

Well, I think your packages fit the need and they are already known, if anybody needs inofficial _gtkmm2_ packages for woody, tell me.

Thanks to everybody (all debian maintainers of course, Andreas for his packages and two people for the offered space)

PS: If I can help with the g++ 3.2 library recompilation/repackaging effort, please tell me.
2.95 is inacceptable for a gtkmm2/glademm combination ...

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