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I am getting link errors on compiling SE Linux programs on IA64 with the 
cc -I../include 
-I/home/etbe/selinux-small-2002102211/debian/lsm/security/selinux/include -O2 
-g  -L../src   avc_enforcing.c  -lsecure -o avc_enforcing
../src/libsecure.a(security.o): In function `security':
/home/etbe/selinux-small-2002102211/libsecure/src/security.c:5: undefined 
reference to `__ia64_syscall'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I have to call the syscall to perform SE Linux functionality.  What do I have 
to link with to access this function?

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