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Re: guaranteed non-interactive installation and upgrades

Michael Piefel wrote:

Is that the question that is asked again and again for all of the
dictionaries I install? No, I don't particularly like it. The questions
should only be asked once all dictionaries are there; how to do that is
beyond me.

No, what you mention is the old behavior. If you install the ispell stuff at unstable with apt you should be prompted by debconf only once for all the ispell dicts and only once for all the wordlists you install. You will be prompted *before* the dictionaries are unpacked as debconf usually does, but for all dictionaries you decided to install. If you reinstall an already installed dictionary for which you have already been debconf prompted no aditional prompt will be done. Have you been prompted by debconf?

The new system still is not ready to pass to testing as a whole due to some problems in the mips/mipsel arches. Since this system is not compatible with the old one we really do not want to have them mixed.

If you are not having such behavior and you are using the stuff at unstable please file a bug against dictionaries-common package with as much the information you can provide, e.g., ispell version, installed dicts and versions and so on.


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