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Re: description writing guide

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) wrote:
> Your example lists:
> Package: foo
> Description: <perform some function, do some task> <for GNOME/KDE/WindowMaker/GNU/Linux>
>  foo is a <function> program, designed to help
>  you <task>.  <more simple details about task>.  Written for
>  the <environment>, it supports <feature1> and <feature2>.
>  [..]
>  .
>  <You can find more information about foo at http://www.foo.org.>
> It is a bad practice to repeat the package name as the first word in the
> long description.  
> Also the URL does not belong into the description but should be
> placed in the debian/copyright file instead.

What if someone wants to visit the webpage before they install a package,
to decide whether it's worth downloading or not (especially if their
bandwidth is slow and expensive)?

Josh Haberman
Debian GNU/Linux developer

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