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Re: Build problems on s390 & hppa (compiler/assembler bugs?)

> >>I believe that you have hit a compilation limit in the pa backend.  You
> >>have an unconditional branch that can't reach its target.  The only work
> >>around at the moment is to compile without optimization.  See the comments
> >>in pa/pa.md for the "jump" insn.  We need a scratch register to load the
> >>address into but it's too late to get one.
> Ok thanks for the feedback - this seems to be almost the same problem as for s390 platform. (by "no optimization", you mean O0? O1 won't work?)

Either omit using a -O flag or specify -O0.  -O1 enables some optimization.
If this doesn't work, send me a preprocessed source file and I will investigate

J. David Anglin                                  dave.anglin@nrc.ca
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