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Bug#171733: ITP: quack-el -- enhanced Emacs support for Scheme programming

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : quack-el
  Version         : 0.15
  Upstream Author : Neil W. Van Dyke <neil@neilvandyke.org>
* URL             : http://www.neilvandyke.org/quack/
* License         : GPLv2
  Description     : enhanced Emacs support for Scheme programming

Quack enhances Emacs support for Scheme programming - for PLT Scheme 
and other Scheme implementations. It is layered atop the standard packages
cmuscheme.el, by Olin Shivers, and scheme.el, by Bill Rozas and Dave Love. 

Features include:

    * Menu and commands for viewing popular Scheme-related manuals 
      or books. Uses local copies of PLT manuals when available, and 
      remote Web copies when necessary. Command for keyword lookup 
      in PLT manual, with keyword defaulting to symbol at point.

    * Menus and command for viewing SRFIs. SRFI index information is 
      automatically downloaded from SRFI Web site. Prompt defaults to 
      SRFI number referenced at point.

    * A find-file alternative that defaults to the file corresponding 
      to the PLT require form at point. (Other module systems will be 
      supported in future versions of Quack.)

    * Two new sets of font-lock rules for Scheme: "PLT Style," which is 
      similar to that used by DrScheme 200 Check Syntax; and "Extended 
      GNU Emacs Style," which is an extended version of the standard 
      Scheme font-lock rules under GNU Emacs.

    * Enhanced run-scheme behavior.

    * Enhanced switch-to-scheme behavior.

    * Extended emacs-w3m support for lightweight browsing of manuals and 
      SRFIs in Emacs windows, including Info-like t, [, and ] commands that 
      work with many HTML-format books (including PLT manuals and SICP).

    * Scheme Mode indentation rules for PLT and Guile.

    * Command to toggle a define form between (define (<name> <args>) <body>) 
      and (define <name> (lambda (<args>) <body>)) syntax.

    * Command for tidying the formatting in a Scheme Mode buffer.

    * The ) and ] keys insert the character that agrees with the s-expression's 
      opening character.

    * Mode for inspecting contents of PLT .plt package files.

    * Command to open a Dired on a specified PLT collection.

Quack was originally started for PLT Scheme programmers who sometimes prefer 
to use Emacs rather than DrScheme for writing code, and also for people 
(especially students in underequipped schools) whose computers are not powerful 
enough to run DrScheme. The name "Quack" was a play on the name of DrScheme. 
Quack is no longer PLT-specific - it now endeavors to support all popular 
Scheme implementations.

best regards

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