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Re: esound with libasound2

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 09:13:52PM -0800, Ryan Murray wrote:
> This is an ABI change, and as ALSA 0.5 is still the stable release, (and
> the only one that seems to work for me) I don't want to change it yet.

Well, what Ryuichi said... ALSA people don't support 0.5 anymore. In any
case, I guess it's ok to stick to libasound1 for now, as ALSA people
still do bad stuff with libasound2 with every new release candidate (if
they can be called rc's).

ALSA upstreams were planning to drop alsa-0.5 packages RSN. I guess
this won't include alsa-lib-0.5, as it's still used by a handful[1] of
packages, but the rest of stuff is just too painful to maintain.


Reverse Depends: 
  xmp-alsa,libasound1 0.5.5
  soundtracker,libasound1 0.5.5
  smurf,libasound1 0.5.8
  pmidi,libasound1 0.5.5
  libphonecore1,libasound1 0.5.5
  libesd-alsa0,libasound1 0.5.5
  libasound1-dev,libasound1 0.5.10b-1
  freesci,libasound1 0.5.5
  alsa-utils-0.5,libasound1 0.5.5

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