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Re: bill gates linux

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002 10:29, spiratec@telus.net wrote:
> I am not at totally stupid
> person.I have written a 60k
> byte qbasic application program.

Are these two statements related?

> I have watched with interest over
> the past few years the development
> of Linux.I believe it will really
> never go very far until someone
> removes the hopelessly complex web
> of knowledge required to use the
> system.
> What is required is in effect a
> Windows,xx or DOS based SETUP.EXE
> program that would permanently
> install Linux on ones hard drive
> including a Partition to allow
> dual Windows,XX and Linux to
> coexist together.

OK, I look forward to seeing the SETUP.EXE program you write in qbasic.  Let 
us know when it's ready for us to test.

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