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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

David B Harris wrote:
> There being an order of magnitude more package mirrors than ISO mirrors.
> Completely ignoring the web site organisation, mind you, it's been
> common for a long time for people to encourage network-based installs,
> or anything other than downloading full 640M ISOs.
> Part of it, of course, is to enhance the "user experience" - users will
> rightfully go with full 640M ISOs because it's been their experience in
> the past that a) it was required, and b) shit broke often enough that
> they needed to reinstall.
> Almost everybody I got to do a 'net install never had any problems
> whatsoever, and they were EXTREMELY delighted. Had they gone wish the
> full 640M ISO, they'd have been happy, but they wouldn't have had as
> good an idea as to how things *can* work, when it's done right :)

The problem with the net installs isos is mainly that they are
unofficial and there are several varying cd's produced by different
folks, and of varying quality (though quality is overall good; I've used
them happily in the past). If we really want to promote them more it
would be good to set things up so they can be generated from the
debian-cd package, and make them official debian isos.

Of course debian-installer should support 1.4 mb net install floppies

But still if someone wants a whole debian CD, for whatever reasons, I'd
rather they could easily find it, especially if they are a newcomer to

see shy jo

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