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Re: new build system

> But unlike dpkg-source v2, you can start using CBS right now. Sound
> interesting?  Here's the URL where you can download CBS:
> http://cvs.verbum.org/debian/rules

Yes, it sounds interesting, but I had a problems with CBS and two 
packages (mainly GNU Gadu 2 from cvs and Kadu from kadu.net). It's all
ok, but when I do "debuild", at compile stage, it cannot find includes,
for example, when I type make manually I see:

gcc -c -o -I.. -I../.. -ggdb -O2 common.c

but when I do debuild or dpkg-buildpackage I see

gcc -c -o -ggdb -O2 common.c

In some cases, -I.. and -I../.. are ok, but program cannot find his
includes too. What's happening? And what is wrong? Or maybe, what am I
doing wrong?

Mati (mati@mati.rm.pl)
Sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft support

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