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Planned mass-filing of bugs: java packages only depending on java-common

There are a significant number of lib*-java packages whose only
dependency is on java-common.  While the java policy has condoned this
behaviour in the past, it is non-sensical to do in the same way it is
non-sensical of C libraries not to depend on libc.  This is due to the
use of standard java.* classes in these libraries, classes which are
not provided by java-common.  I'm filing these as important bugs as
these packages currently have incomplete dependency information.

To that end I will be filing important bugs against any lib*-java
package that does not depend on either java1-runtime or java2-runtime
(should the package required features of the standard java.* classes
that are only included in the j2se specification).  There has been
some discussion on debian-java aboout whether java1-runtime is an
appropriate name; should it be generally decided that some other
virtual package name would be more appropriate, the bugs will be
changed appropriately.


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