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Re: debian-installer X/gtkfb

* Joshua Cummings 

| (There's no debian-installer list afaik. If there is, let me know and
| I'll redirect this to it)


| I've noticed the debian-desktop page mentions an "X/gtkfb port".  I
| assume gtkfb has something to do with gtk running on the
| frambuffer. Does this make any difference to the actual writing of the
| gtk code? I have no idea about the status of this port, but if it
| needs help, I'd like to try to do what I can.

Michael Cardenas has done some work on it, I suggest you get in touch
with him and coordinate.

| Basically, all I want to know is; does writing this installer just
| involve regular, generic C and GTK+ development? Or is there some sort
| of framebuffer related knowledge thats required or would help?

afaik, there are no changes in the frontend itself.

| Also, would the development be broken up into UI (gtk/X) developers,
| and developers working to connect the frontend with the backend, or a
| bit of both for everyone?

they are separate, but help is appreciated on the backend as well.

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