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Re: Debian Accessibility Project was: Re: linux for blinds

On 22 Nov 2002, Milan Zamazal wrote:

> packages from testing/unstable and several non-Debian packages
> (i.e. packages not worth to be included in Debian in the given moment).
I seriousely fail to see a reason why any free software which is needed
by a user of Debian should not be worth to be included in Debian.

> The reason is our resources are very limited and making what we need
> inside Debian implies more general solution, i.e. more work.  Exceeding
> the resources would mean failure of the project.
In my opinion you project will definitely fail if you refuse to talk
to the debian-installer people.  I have no idea of the installation
process but I have the strong feeling that this is exactly the right
moment to come together if you have issues to modify the installation

> We try to find a minimum-work solution, the minimum step, even if it may
> require more work in the future.
I wish you good luck to get more resources for the future ...

> I can remember there were some discussions on Debian mailing lists about
> making something like debian-blind quite long time ago.  But AFAIK
> nothing actually happened till now.  So I guess there's no critical
> potential to utilize the Debian resources for *this particular task*,
> until some initial steps are done.
In Debian something gets done if somebody starts doing it.  Just do
the necessary things which have to be done and ask for a sponsor to
upload your stuff.  If you are waiting for some other people your
project will fail.  You can definitely expect help for your project
but no initial initiative from people who are busy with other stuff.

> I might be wrong, but we can see a
> manageable solution of our problem now and we prefer it against a
> potentially better, but quite *risky* way of reaching what we
> desperately need.
So just do not refuse the help of people with the same goal.

> I'll certainly look at debian-installer, it might be the right tool to
> help us.  Just FYI, we basically need to *clone* a running Debian system
> to target computers, while making a few necessary customizations, like
> changing the network and hardware setup of the target machine.  tar + a
> few shell scripts look like the simplest way to do that, but
> debian-installer might possibly help us especially with the booting
> process and hardware autodetection.
I guess you read the mails about debian-installer at debian-announce and
debian-devel from the last days???

Kind regards


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