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#64071: Automatically generated files should not go to /etc

reassign 64071 general

rainer@rai16.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de wrote:

> I noticed that menu generates files in /etc automatically, e.g.
> /etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook
> /etc should be for configuration files only, not automatically generated files.
> The discussion in debian-devel suggests /var/lib/menu as a good place. Though
> it might make sense to make a symlink to /etc for compatibility reasons.
> For the discussion and some background information see my post and the thread
> on debian-devel
> http://www.debian.de/Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0004/msg01305.html
> Thanks.
> rainer.

Menu itself do not generate files in /etc automatically, it is the individual
menu-method files provided by the menu managers.

So I reassign This bug to general.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

There is no record of the ballombe@debian.org package, and no bugs have been
filed against it.

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