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some questions lintian overrides and shlibdeps

hi folks,

i am playing around with one of the orphaned packages (check) and i want
to build a new package of it. so far everything went fine, but there are
two things that i don't understand:

- dpkg-shlibdeps and therefore dh_shlibdeps fail because dpkg-shlibdeps
  doesn't recognize the filetype of the library. in my case it is a
  static library. so: has anyone ever used shlibdeps with a static
- the upstream source contains a debian/files file, which is a bit bad.
  i want to convince upstream to fix this in the next release, and until
  then remove it in the "clean" target of debian/rules. this works, but
  i still have to convince lintian that it is ok, so i wanted to use the
  "override" file, but i can't get it to work. it seems that all
  overrides on the binary package work, but not on the source package.
  has anyone ever done a lintian override for a check on the source
  package (e.g. debian-files-list-in-source)?

thanks  robert

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