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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

You have at least gained one user on Gentoo's expense! Me! I went from
Mandrake to Gentoo (bought the hype) and I loved it, for a while. The
speed increase wasn't my reason, I mostly wanted to get out of the RPM
nightmare (Mandrake was ok, but I wanted to be able to do upgrades
without re-installing). My excitement with Gentoo lasted for about 2
months, it survived some strange dependency problems, a switch to Gnome2
and numerous compilations. Simply put I got tired of recompiling. I did
enjoy being on the bleeding edge for a while, then I grew up and
realised that I need to use my computer (and time) for other things than
recompiling the latest version of every little package I used.

So, despite a cool package system (ebuilds), a nice setup in /etc (nice
dependencies between things in /etc/init.d), and 'virtual' runlevels I
decided to give Debian another try (several years of soul searching
using other distros :-). I am home, I don't see myself living in a
Debian-free future.

I think it still is true that "Linux users end up being Debian users".
Debian simply rocks for all the right reasons!


Magnus Therning (magus@lysator.liu.se)

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