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Re: Bug#39830: [AMENDMENT]: get rid of undocumented(7) symlinks

>>"Chris" == Chris Waters <xtifr@debian.org> writes:

 Chris> On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 12:14:50AM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> There is a proposal under consideration for changing the
 >> undocumented(7) man page. The current proposal is included below; it
 >> is not yet the final form; and input of the general community is
 >> solicited.

 Chris> Excuse me?  This is an old proposal which has been much debated and
 Chris> much revised.

	I did not say it was a new proposal. 

 Chris> It was also generally well-received, and I'm not quite sure
 Chris> how it slipped between the cracks for so long.

	*Shrug*. Since only one or two of the supposewd set of 5 or 6
 policy editors were active at any given time, things got done when
 there was time, and some stuff did tend to slip between the cracks. 

 Chris> Colin's new revision was proposed on Oct 30, and he suggested
 Chris> two weeks debate (which seems more than fair since this was
 Chris> already an old proposal).  Some minor changes
 Chris> (i.e. s/must/should/) were proposed by me and Mark Brown, and
 Chris> since the discussion period IS NOW UP, the text posted by
 Chris> Manoj to -devel (which incorporates the minor changes) IS

	Well, no, since Colin agreed that editorial changes to the
 SGML were indeed permissible. 

 Chris> The decision to forward this to -devel (and to make misleading
 Chris> claims about its status)


 Chris> seems to have been a unilateral decision on Manoj's part.  If

	Of course it was. And I reserve the right to forward matrerial
 on a public mailing list to any other mailing list as I feel desrves
 to be forwarded. If you think that such unilateral action is
 unwarranted, you do not understand how mailing lists work. 

 Chris> he weren't professing his own love for the proposal, I would
 Chris> suspect an underhanded attempt to undermine the proposal for
 Chris> reasons unstated.

	My, my. We are paranoid, aren't we? 

 Chris> If I were really paranoid, I'd speculate about why the policy
 Chris> editors ignored the earlier versions of this proposal, which,
 Chris> after much debate, *was accepted*!  But I won't go there.

	You already have. If your opinion mattered to me, perhaps I
 would respond substantively.

 Chris> But I am perturbed by Manoj's attempt to drag the debate out
 Chris> further when this proposal has been debated to death since
 Chris> June of 1999!  And all objections have been answered or
 Chris> addressed.  And it has a full complement (more than) of proper
 Chris> seconds already, and no remaining objections.

	Well, I think because getting input from the general developer
 body is never a bad idea. I think that major changes in packaging
 ought to receive wider circulation than just the policy list. 

 Chris> I am also perturbed that Manoj, who WROTE our current policy
 Chris> update policy seems to be completely and deliberately ignoring
 Chris> that policy with his post to -devel.  Manoj, what gives?  (If
 Chris> you actually object to the proposal, please, object!)

	Also, because I am more interested in doing the right thing,
 and looking at the spirit of the consensus building process, rather
 than being a rules lawyer. You do agree that resolving any flaws we
 may have overlooked is more important than not missing a deadline,
 don't you?

	And stop being paranoid. This is not an adversarial situation
 (unless you make it so), the idea is to et to the best solution we

 Chris> Anyway, while I have no objections to input from -devel
 Chris> readers, I have to say that anyone who's concerned about how
 Chris> changes in policy may affect them should already be subscribed
 Chris> to -policy.

	Yeah, in an ideal world. But most often policy issues are not
 of interest to the wider body of developers. Once in a while, a topic
 that may have wider impact comes along, and then we inform -devel,
 and ask for input.

	This policy is not going to change. 

 Chris> Now, if this were my proposal, I might allow a further three
 Chris> days discussion, out of respect for Manoj.  I think three days
 Chris> is more than adequate for a three-year-old proposal.  But at
 Chris> this point, it's Colin's proposal, and unless *he* decides to
 Chris> extend the debate, I think this proposal lives or dies TODAY!
 Chris> (And with many seconds and no objections, that means it
 Chris> lives.)

	Thankfully, you do not decide when things die.

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