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Re: Proposal - non-free software removal

	Why can't John Goerzen and all the other true believers just
	get together to form (for want of a better name) the Debian
	Non-Free Package Replacement Group (DNFPRG) with the goal of
	developing DFSG-free replacements for all non-free packages
	currently in Debian?

	This group can get in contact with maintainers of dependent
	packages regarding features required of the replacements. Based
	on this information, they can decide package-by-package to
	develop new free packages from scratch or adapt existing free

	Judging by the response to his original GR, John should have no
	trouble attracting willing volunteers.

	In this situation, non-free packages would serve as temporary
	scaffolding until DNFPRG-developed replacements become available
	to supersede them. The non-free packages would then be abandoned
	and eventually removed by the Debian package control systems.

	This proactive approach to removing non-free packages must surely
	be better than the mess Debian would be left in as inefficient
	bug-laden "quick-fixes" are lashed together in reaction to the
	multitude of dangling dependencies arising from banning non-free
	packages outright.

	It could also encourage more developers into Debian, knowing
	that free replacements for non-free packages they depend on are
	being developed.


	Anthony Travers (amt-public@dodo.com.au)

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