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lintian.debian.org to be updated daily


I believe I've cleaned up the last of the visible rough edges in the code
that updates the Lintian lab incrementally. That means that I no longer have
to do the almost 8 hour long clean check every time, but instead only check
the packages that changed from what we already had, which usually takes a
few minutes per day.

So, lintian.debian.org will get updated at five minutes till noon, local
time on gluck.d.o, every day :)

I know this will make them lag almost a day every day, but given the insane
amount of load other things put on the machine, doing it in a time window
when the load is high (right after archive updates) seems unreasonable.
And besides, people who just uploaded a package have already run lintian on
it just before the upload, right? :p

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