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Re: Why are modules and modules.conf not versioned?

Moin Bernd!
Bernd Eckenfels schrieb am Wednesday, den 13. November 2002:

> > providing eth0, since there is no hardware detection that could classify
> > the drivers. So nothing really feasible.
> And not all drivers can be specified by an Alias. But it is till posible to

Yes, it is a uncosistent kernel hack, not more. There is even no
unified mechanism to map an alias to the specific device/interface name.
Many people make a mistake relying on this "feature" and see bad
surprices when they load the drivers in a different order, ie. after
making a custom kernel.

I do also miss a feature in the kernel to dump all available drivers in
the order of their activation as names of the corresponding modules.

> put the "boot-floppy" detected list of modules which should be loaded into
> it's own config file, if /etc/modules is no longer supported (for reasons I
> do not get :)

Hm, I am happy with the current solution. BFs try to load some essential
drivers (eg. USB keyboards) and on success, they name is inserted into
the target /etc/modules file. I do not see any reason to drop
/etc/modules support.

Expect the unexpected and expect the expected to be late.

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