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Re: Bug#168788: ITP: openoffice.org-debian-files -- OpenOffice.org office uite (additional files by Debian)

* Rene Engelhard (rene@debian.org) wrote:
> OpenOffice.org 1.0 is a full-featured office productivity suite.
>  .
>  This package contains extra files supplied by Debian that are not
>  part of the upstream source:

One thing I'd like to know is where to get Template files for Impress,
and Write and so forth that are common to an office suite. What about
the Graphic files that used to come with Star Office? I don't see those
anywhere in the OpenOffice binary never mind the Debian package.

There's nothing like trying to create a new Impress document and not
having any templates to use as a starting point. It really sux.

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