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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 11:23:07PM -0400, Matthew McGuire wrote:

 > Deluxe
 >  - GNOME
 >  - KDE
 > Moderate
 >  - WindowMaker
 >  - Enlightenment
 > Minimal
 >  - Fvwm
 >  - Icewm
 >  - TkDesk (hehe..no really!)

 I take offense by that separation.  I _know_ what you are trying to
 express, but I don't like the method.  GNOME and KDE are environments,
 not window managers.  Window Maker, Enlightenment, Fvwm and Icewm are
 window managers.  A window manager manages windows, while a desktop
 environment does everything else _but_ manage windows.  You can use
 Window Maker with GNOME if that's what you want.  The experience is
 probably rough at the edges (I don't know -- but judging by the bug
 reports, that's the case), but the possibility exists.  Both GNOME and
 KDE have default window managers, which is probably the reason why most
 people confuse the two things.

 GNOME in this sense means running the GNOME session manager, and
 probably have the panel and the other desktop stuff also running (the
 candy you are calling "Deluxe").  If you want to separate apples from
 oranges, you should talk about the GNOME session manager, the KDE
 session manager and the plain old X11 session manager.

 Should the system's default window manager be the GNOME window manager?
 IMO, yes.  Some window managers don't understand the GNOME (or KDE or
 FreeDesktop) hints, but Branden came out with a nice way of computing a
 window manager's priority for the alternatives system which favors
 things which are capable of that.


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